Invitation for Establishing the Political Assembly for the Pursuit of Political and Social Struggle and Change

By | 3 Eylül 2015

Today, Turkey is facing with several fundamental problems.

It is obvious that capitalist, nationalist and sectarian political governments (which are also the reasons of those problems) can’t solve those problems, which are getting insolvable each day.
Only political governments that in favor of labor, freedom and peace, can solve those gigantic problems.

Social forces are fighting against every attack that capital and political government making towards nature and people, with a great devotion. However, they are not considered as an effective solution respondent by most of the people.
Therefore, we face with the need of “an ideological and organisational innovation” more poignantly than ever.
It is almost impossible for “the left” to become an effective and converting social power unless it creates such an innovation with a multi-dimensional struggle.

Hence, it is vital that a political willpower, which not only opposes to the country’s problems but also desires to create some solutions for these problems from the left side, which has a democratic operation and which based upon individual law, to be brought into action.

That is why “an ideological and organisational gathering process”, which is going to be conducted by a political struggle and which will also contribute to the regeneration of “the left”, is needed .

We swing into action for contributing to rebuild the left and the social opposition powers as a whole, from a viewpoint paying attention to the current events in Turkey and in the Middle East. While doing this contribution, we keep in mind the new struggling and organisational opportunities occured as a result of both the “Gezi Struggle” and HDP’s results in the elections made on the 7th June.

Today we are setting out for rebuilding “a social, political struggle and change” with a desire to change instead of complaining about the current negativity around us.

“Political Assembly”, which is going to carry on its work with monthly periodical meetings and which is going to determine its own work schedule and method with the participants, is starting to work.

We invite everyone who feels the same needs and wants to participate in the activities to contribute to create an ideological and organisational gathering process in the Political Assembly.

Let the sunshine in!

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